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Created by : Brunswick Business Journal Inc

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Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 17:00
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The Crowdfuding Effort has ended.  It is unfunded.  May be funded by other means.  Stay tuned.


The Watch, a tourbillion, is a Grieb & Benzinger Blue Merit made in Germany.


The problem of Fake News in NB can be seen here


Let's fix New Brunswick's economy

In New Brunswick we have a deepening crisis in the media, politics and public life that is marked by job loss and accelerated economic decline.  This has become a motivational force for our effort to fund and establish a competent business newsroom to expound the Province's immense opportunities by professional story telling and reporting founded upon the truth and facts on the ground, independent of the political and business interests in the province.


Our crowdfunding effort can be a turning point for New Brunswick business news

In a recent Pew Research poll on news consumption, TV remains king.  In the 18-49 year old demographic, digital consumption of news shows that 76% consume online, and still 8% read newspapers, the physical product.  How much of that online news is useful to business investment and economic growth? 

A news outlet that is both online and in print provides a standard. Its work is the permanent casting of news, the preservation of business and economic history of the province.

Trust in printed and online subscription based newspapers is much higher than you would think.  See chart here

Mr. Pierre Little says,

The news editor must be a horologist of truth.   A newspaper, the precision watch piece.  There are many unseen moving parts.  News is like time, everyone wants to know the time but few reports are accurate without a standard.

Why is it important to support our business newsroom with our crowdfunding effort? 

By buying a news subscription and using the Business Journal for your advertising and promotional needs online or in print, you help our newsroom employ reporters and journalists here in New Brunswick in a profession that bears critically important fruit, a vocation that serves the unique needs of our communities by telling our stories.

By advertising on social media, on the other hand, you are supporting technology firms in San Jose, California. Your dollars go straight up the telephone pole and leave New Brunswick altogether. Those California firms have no reporters or news coverage in our local communities. None.

This is super important to consider in its effect. Not only are you sending your money outside of New Brunswick, online advertising is intrusive, annoying, and has very low engagement. Not to mention the perils of 1) ad fraud and 2) fake clicks, click bait and security issues with bots and malware.

George Gilder’s central thesis that Google’s business model, while seemingly brilliant, is not sustainable. The argument goes like this:

Under Google’s guidance, the Internet is not only full of unwanted ads but fraught with bots and malware. Instead of putting power in the hands of individuals, it has become a porous cloud where all the money and power rise to the top.

Lets not forget that Facebook Ads and Google Ads are incentivizing the most obnoxious fake news and lies through their networks.

A new way forward in online advertising through our news site

We intend to use a new digital advertising technique on our news sites both web and mobile called the Scroller Ad technique.  Its best impact is for the mobile viewer.





The Publisher

Mr. Pierre Little, the Business Journal's managing edtior and publisher is a proud New Brunswick native, and an award-winning publisher of weekly newspapers. The New Brunswick Business Journal is another publication he plans to produce both online and in print for the benefit of the New Brunswick business community. Business and investment are the lifeblood of the economy and, by extension, sound politics are symptomatic of a healthy provincial economy.

Unfortunately, without a reliable source for journalism focused on truth and objectivity attracting business investment, it can be difficult to navigate unique business opportunities or anticipate dangers in traditional industries like Tourism, Forestry, Agriculture and the Fisheries.

For instance, the debacle of the U.S. Softwood Lumber tariffs hurt New Brunswick tremendously, and the local business community was not informed of the danger until it was too late. Surprisingly, other large players in the industry were informed and as a result fared better. That catastrophic market condition did not get shared in the mainstream media for competitive reasons, so the damage to local businesses was done and will have lasting effects.

Difficulty in the federally-controlled Fisheries sector are complex and under-reported, therefore poorly understood. As a result, Provincial governments are often slow to react to the needs of our fishermen and processing plants.   

We are here to change that.


The history of the Business Journal starts in 1982, when it was founded by David Jonah. It was sold to Wayne Johnson of Moncton in 1991. Mr. Little purchased the publication in 1997 and was in print until 2003 at which time it encountered competitive issues with the largest publisher in the province, which used the publication's name without consent. Undeterred, Mr. Little pursued business interests in another publication in Quebec City called the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, North America's oldest newspaper where he still remains Publisher Emeritus.  The venerable QCT is over 250 years old, and it the second oldest corporation in Canada, after the Hudson Bay Company.

While in Quebec, Mr. Little won a half dozen awards from the Quebec Community Newspaper Association, one of which was 1st place winner in Best Website design. Mr. Little served as a judge for several categories of newspaper awards for Newspapers Atlantic. From his time in Quebec, he invested in two weekly publications in Maine, the Calais Advertiser and the Machias Valley News Observer both of which are over 160 years old. Mr Little's publications in Maine have won over 10 awards by the Maine Press Association. Mr. Little is excited to be returning to publishing in the province where he lives and works from Rogersville, N.B.

Crowdfunding's Unique Opportunity

With the Business Journal and support from the business community, we intend to cover the province as a weekly publication with 52 issues per year. We will produce award-winning journalism with your generous support. We will focus on hard news from our industrial cities of Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, Miramichi, Northern NB and the North Shore with lively and important commentary from New Brunswickers with skin in the game, utilizing all the modern social media technologies from video to long-format reporting all published in print and online allowing many other business markets to consider and find New Brunswick business on the online Google search indexes. Something that is missing in New Brunswick because of paywalls and how Google treats paywalled content.

With that in mind, it will be essential to have our newsroom well staffed by professional business journalists to cover the major metro markets mixed with rural areas of the province adequately. We are seeking your financial support in our crowdfunding campaign to cover the initial six months of costs related to 1) the newsroom 2) producing a printed newspaper product with a digital site 3) distribution of the publication by Canada Post.

This crowdfunding measure is also a great means of gauging interest directly from entrepreneurs and business leaders who will benefit from our publication directly. We have set our budgeted six months costs at $80,0000 for 26 weeks of news coverage. From this standpoint, we hope to grow our initial circulation from 1,500 subscribers at $9 per month to 10,000 subscribers province-wide.

The newspaper publisher invest in the tradition of keeping "good time" by timely, truthful reporting.

What's missing in today's digital news world? The essential elements.  The wisdom and understanding of the master horologist.

If you are interested in joining our team in news or advertising departments, please email Mr. Little on our contact page.

Digital news is inaccurate most of the time because they have forgotten the importance of how essential accurate time is kept.

We plan to change that in New Brunswick.  Pierre Little, Publisher, October 2018

Thank you for supporting us!

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