• Crowdfunding will change business journalism in New Brunswick.  We thank all those who support the Business Journal.

Things to know about this New Brunswick Crowdfunding Campaign


Crowdfunding is a new way to fund creative projects

This is a campaign site for the Business Journal.  Each Pledge Award Number indicates the amount you will be responsible for plus HST after the campaign closes and the awards indicated under the pledge award you have selected become due.  If the campaign doesn't reach its intended goal, pledges become void.  This process is similar to Kickstarter where everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology are funded and created.


Together, the publisher and backers can make this project happen.

The publisher set a funding goal and deadline. If the business community likes this project, the pledges will make it happen. This projects must reach our funding goals by the date indicated to collect on pledges. All-or-nothing funding might seem scary, but it’s amazingly effective in creating momentum and rallying people around an idea. 

Crowdfunding is definitely the most democratic way news publishing can be accomplished in New Brunswick, rectifying a market dominated by one publisher.